What sets our staff apart?

Northwoods is full of talented, driven individuals, and we are proud to present

them in our meet the team section! Team strengthening exercises are so important

to us at Northwoods. We meet regularly both in and outside of work to ensure

that we provide you the best  well rounded team of professionals.


Dr. William Kolesar

Michigan State University Graduate

Dr. Kolesar and his wife both went to school to become licensed Veterinary nurses. Dr. Kolesar went on to become a Veterinarian, and together they opened Northwoods Pet Care Center, a full service clinic offering Veterinary care, Boarding, and Grooming services. He enjoys spending time with his family as well as hunting, being outdoors, and woodworking in his spare time. If you look close enough you'll find custom created pieces throughout the clinic.


Jessica Poli, LVT, HR, PR

Practice Manager

Jessica graduated from Baker College in 2016 and came to work at Northwoods as a licensed Veterinary Nurse shortly after passing her board exams. While at Northwoods, she found a passion for management, and through hard work and dedication, is now Practice Manager, overseeing all functionality and productivity of the clinic. In her free time she enjoys spending time with her family, and visiting new cities and places.


Arica Rudoni, HR, PR

Office Manager

Arica graduated with a degree in Criminal Justice, but has found a profound love for the Veterinary industry. She is a highly
proactive member of the Central Michigan community, and it shows in her exemplarily 
customer service skills. She brings a positive atmosphere to the office and plays a large role in helping manage the front office to ensure clients are happy, and things are running smoothly. She enjoys spending time with those she loves most in her spare time, and being outdoors.


Julie Kolesar, LVT

Veterinary Nurse

Julie graduated from Michigan State University as a licensed Veterinary Nurse. She has worked in both the Veterinary and Human medical industries. Furthermore, at Northwoods, she has played a large role in every aspect of the clinic, from boarding, to grooming, to being a Veterinary Nurse, and aiding in management throughout the years, her talents are far form limited. In her spare time she enjoys seeing her children and grandchildren, and creating timeless keepsakes for them.


Katie Alexander, LVT

Veterinary Nurse

Katie graduated from Michigan State University in 2018 as a licensed Veterinary Nurse. She has worked in both general practice as well as emergency, and we are so glad she found her way to us! Katie is our our leading surgical technician, and has taken on various roles within the hospital. Her generous heart and kind soul bring peace on even the craziest of days. In her spare time she enjoys tending to her kitties and spending time with her husband and family.

DSC_0702 (2).JPG


Veterinary Technician

Marie is one of our on the job trained technicians, while she has not yet completed her degree, she has no shortage of talents to offer. She is hard working and dedicated to her patients, and is always looking to expand her knowledge base. Marie continues to be a great asset to our team, and her customer service skills are tremendous. She plays a huge role in client education within the hospital. In addition, Marie enjoys spending her free time helping her dad run his farm, as well as with her children.



Boarding Supervisor

Jocelyn began her Northwoods journey as a Veterinary assistant and through her hard work and dedication, she was promoted to Boarding Supervisor. In her role as Boarding Supervisor, she is responsible in ensuring that boarding protocols are carried out daily, weekly, and monthly. She also ensures that all boarding patients are well cared for and that their individualized experience offers all that they need and more. Jocelyn enjoys spending time with her kitties at home, and anything involving nature and exotic pets.



Veterinary Assistant

Maddie is one of our many talented Veterinary assistants that make up our great support staff. She is kind and genuine and brings a great positivity to the team. Maddie enjoys working with patients in the hospital, as well as maintaining the front reception as a CSR. We are grateful to have her on the team! When at home, she enjoys spending quality time with both her dogs and her friends as well. She is also a coach for a high school poms team in her spare time.



 Veterinary Assistant

Clara is one of our talented Veterinary assistants within the hospital. She also acts as a CSR in our front reception area as well. Clara brings a bright spontaneous feel to the hospital, and is always smiling bright, yes even on a Monday before coffee. She loves all patients, and has really grown in her position here and is a delight to have on our team. In her free time she enjoys meeting with friends, and cuddling with her fur kiddos at home. She is also a great artist, youll see her art displayed on our windows.

Basset Hound Check-Up


Veterinary Assistant

Grace is one of our newer Veterinary assistants, yet you would never know! She has heavy experience in the Veterinary industry and has blended right into the team here at Northwoods. Grace's strong personality and skillset has been a great attribute to Northwoods and we are so excited to see all that she has in store. In her free time at home she enjoys partaking in some winter sports, and other outdoor activities, as well as spending time with friends.



Veterinary Assistant

Brendan recently joined our team as a Veterinary assistant. He is pursuing Veterinary school in hopes of becoming a DVM. He has a fun and energetic personality that brings life to the clinic and a well rounded aura with all these women here! Brendan is great with all patients, and has really shown tremendous growth and drive from the start. In his spare time he enjoys winter sports and the outdoors, as well as the company of his friends.



Veterinary Assistant

Emma is one of our many talented Veterinary assistants. While she is thoroughly busy with her double major enrollment at CMU, she is a great asset to the team when we can steal her away. She has a gentle vibe and brings a soothing feel to the clinic that is well received by patients. She enjoys reading a good book or coloring a relaxing page during her spare time when she has it.



Spa Specialist

Elyssa has been with Northwoods for over 10 years in our grooming and pet spa department. She offers her exquisite talents to all canine patients, and has an eye for perfection. Elyssa not only provides custom cuts, but she offers many other amenities as well such as but not limited to; ear cleansing, pedicures (nail trim, grind, and/or polish), coat coloring, and so much more. Elyssa spends her off time with her family and friends, and going to outdoor events!