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Let's talk weight...

The first real question here is what does your pet eat? Furthermore, how much do they eat and what are you measuring their food with?

A common misconception is that a drinking glass is an adequate form of measurement. This can easily result in weight gain for your pet, as you should always measure with a measuring cup.

An easy sign that your pet is overweight, will be the lack of a waistline at their midsection. While exercise is recommended, a healthy and adequate diet are the most efficient ways to manage your pets weight and long term health. In 2018 a conducted study showed that 60% of cats as well as 56% of dogs are obese in the United States. In addition, the average pet's life expectancy is decreased as well as their quality of life if they are overweight.

If you are concerned about your pet's weight and would like to discuss their feeding regimen or create a customized weight loss program for them, inquire about scheduling a Veterinary Nurse consultation and let's get started!

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